ImmerLearn, Inc.

We're a New York-based startup that builds ethical, transparent data solutions for the social and public sector. We work across industries to help organizations use data to increase their social impact on topics like education, humanitarian aid and youth unemployment. Through Athena, our data analytics methodology, we aim to make machine-learning accessible to organizations that work on society's most challenging problems


Wladimir Nikoluk
Chief Executive Officer

Wladimir is responsible for business development, thought leadership and client relations. His expertise lies in econometrics and evidence-based interventions. Prior to joining ImmerLearn, he worked on public-sector digital transformations at McKinsey and on the Syria Crisis response in Jordan. He holds a graduate degree in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School, where he was a McCloy Scholar, and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University.

Michael Moszczynski
Chief Technology Officer

Michael Moszczynski founded ImmerLearn after more than eight years in the humanitarian aid and development sectors, specializing in software architecture and system design. During this time, he worked at Souktel, a digital solutions provider, on the delivery of software for aid projects of large organizations, such as the UN, USAID, DFID and the World Bank, including the GPS-tracking of medicine into Syria and delivering legal advice to refugees via SMS. He has extensive experience with developing monitoring and evaluation systems as well as third-party tools and data integration. Previously, he worked at several startups in the mobile sector, one of which was purchased by Verisign Inc.

Stephane Roux
Chief Operating Officer

Stephane is responsible for strategic planning, finances and operations. He is an effective team leader and project-manager. Prior to joining ImmerLearn, he was a junior engagement manager at McKinsey, where he focused on large public healthcare providers in Germany, and a consultant at OC&C London, where he advised investors on portfolio strategy and acquisitions. He was a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy School and holds an MSc in Political Sociology from LSE and BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University

Our Story

While working for the UN, McKinsey and a tech startup, we all developed a similar idea from different angles: that the data revolution was fundamentally changing the way society operates, but that its transformative potential was not being used in the domains that matter most. In 2018, Michael, Wladimir and Stephane began working on a venture that would use data and evidence to help make things that matter work. After winning the Harvard Cheng Fellowship, entering the Harvard Venture Incubation Program, and acquiring its first clients, ImmerLearn incorporated in early 2019.