Our Approach

Data science can be a powerful tool to solve society’s most urgent problems. Our solutions help you use your data to make sense of the needs of people and communities and respond to them more effectively. See below for a selection.


Leverage early warning systems to identify and respond to student needs before challenges exacerbate

 Educational loans

Measure the impact of educational loans based on the synthetic control method


Assess and respond to children malnutrition risks based on granular data and econometric models

 Economic development

Track changes in disposable income based on mobile phone data patterns

Financial inclusion

Enable access to financial products for the unbanked based on alternative credit scoring

Our Process

We organize your data. We gather all your data sources, understand them in-depth, make sure the data is reliable, and create a cohesive whole. A model can only be as good as the data it’s given.

We develop the right model to give you the answers you need to make decisions. We choose a model that fits into your decision-making processes, to help you make better ones.

We optimize our algorithms to give the best answers it can. Your data is powerful, and we want to ensure we get all the insights that are possible from it.

We integrate our model into your decision-making. It must be designed and put into place to give the right information at the right time, to help you make better decisions.