A job your friends will love hearing about

We believe that nothing beats a meaningful career that gets you excited and brings out the best in you. We work at the frontier of technology, on social impact. If you would like to join our team, get in touch!

Our Talent Management Approach

At ImmerLearn, exceptional individuals can be part of a team of people who care about social issues and who enjoy solving complex problems. Five principles summarize how we see our work here:


We trust you. We chose you because we believe in your passion and ability, and we trust your ability to make independent judgements, to disagree and to choose your own working style.


We have high expectations. We expect you to give it your best, not by putting in hours, but by truly striving to do a great job, whatever your role and whatever the task.


We want to have fun. All of us do this because we enjoy working with great colleagues, on interesting topics, with committed clients. Nobody enjoys being miserable at their job, so we try to keep things in perspective and have a good time.


We will help you grow and develop. ImmerLearn is a team of individuals with diverse interests and abilities, and we strive to learn from each other as much as possible. You will give and receive coaching, feedback and training, to help you achieve your personal goals.


We compensate fairly. We create value and compensate people accordingly. Working on social issues should not be a personal sacrifice.


Available Positions

Data Scientist

you design and build the algorithms that power our systems


As a data scientist at ImmerLearn, you work hand-in-hand with client-facing consultants to build technical solutions. You are involved from day one in the design the system based on how you understand the needs and capabilities of our client. You develop and implement algorithms and you are fully involved in discussions around algorithmic performance, bias and transparency. In addition to client-work, you develop the tools that we use during client engagements to build faster and better systems in future.


  • Degree (preferably MSc or PhD) in data science, math, statistics, or machine learning
  • Expertise in TensorFlow, scikit-learn, and NumPy
  • Experience with clustering, time-series analysis, neural networks, and predictive analytics
  • Ability to translate technical concepts and think pragmatically
  • Passion for social impact, sense of humor, and entrepreneurial drive
  • Experience in the public or social sector a plus


you learn new skills and grow both personally and professionally by joining our team of experienced professionals for 8-12 weeks

As an intern, you join our team for a limited period of time on a range of potential topics (data science, client development, design or operations). We believe that you will learn best by doing, so we provide you with an environment where you can do challenging work, take up responsibility and develop new skills. You will work alongside experienced professionals who provide coaching, feedback and guidance and who will challenge you to grow


  • Undergraduate degree in related field (relevant degree if internship is on data science)
  • Willingness to learn and work professionally in a fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to get your hands dirty and work hands-on
  • Passion for social impact, sense of humor, and entrepreneurial drive
  • Experience in the public or social sector a plus