Our Approach

Our expertise lies at the intersection of data science and social impact. We help you understand how you can use data to increase your effectiveness, we develop data-driven solutions for your organization, and we help you integrate those solutions into day-to-day activities.

Athena, our data analytics methodology, contains three components: Predict, Measure and Segment


We help you predict future events through quantitative models to help you plan, allocate resource and respond in time.



We help you measure whether your program was effective, and for whom, by running synthetic control trials or finding proxy data


We help you cluster your beneficiaries by identifying patterns in data, to help you understand the needs of different groups better 

Example: predicting which students are at highest risk of failing the program to provide the right help and resources in time 

Example: approximating regional income levels by analyzing mobile phone usage patterns 

Example: finding groups of individuals that have similar characteristics and needs based on complex data