Why we care

Wladimir Nikoluk and Michael Moszczynski founded ImmerLearn based on their experiences working with governments, ministries, UN agencies, NGOs and the private sector. They recognized that passionate and well-intentioned professionals around the world struggle to evaluate and improve social programs to ensure effectiveness. This challenge is often greatest in areas where vulnerable populations could benefit from these programs the most. In fact, the $7 trillion funding requirement to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a direct result of this complexity.

Today, advances in technology, data science and academic insights enable generation of high-quality impact evidence. ImmerLearn leverages these capabilities to bridge the gap between potential and performance and to serve as the platform for evidence-based learning and decision-making.


Our Perspective

ImmerLearn functions as a bridge between what is possible in theory and what is implemented in practice in the public and social sectors. We employ insights from domains ranging from academia and data science labs to organizations working on-the-ground with beneficiaries. We apply advanced analytical methods, including an ethically and socially responsible application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to define the next frontier in impact evaluation.

Working with our partners to evaluate success factors of individual programs and advise on ways to improve them, we strive to tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Our Approach

ImmerLearn brings together 3 key elements to create the next generation of impact measurement tools.

  • First, we use data to validate theory of change design and provide a basis for continuous learning about what has and has not been effective in the past.
  • Second, we leverage data science to find innovative ways to track hard-to-measure indicators and make sense of complicated relationships between millions of data points.
  • Third, we automate data gathering and analytics through technological expertise. ImmerLearn offers a suite of sophisticated impact measurement and tracking tools through ImmerLearn Insights as well as bespoke advisory services for more specific challenges.

Our clients are organizations from across the impact value chain, including governments, NGOs, UN agencies, foundations and impact investors. Our approach is based on rigorous academic and professional expertise and has earned recognition from several private and academic institutions.